About OLM

OLM is the catalyst for new diagnostic products which are delivering clear clinical benefits.

OLM Innovations is committed to partnering with dynamic scientists to take their ideas through to clinical practice. We tailor our approach to each stage of the product development cycle; supporting applications for funding to continue research, sourcing investment to achieve proof of concept; undertaking clinical trials; and securing licensing partnerships and company spin-outs.

Our sister company, OLM Diagnostics, specialises in the international sales, marketing, and distribution of approved diagnostic products.

OLM works closely with technology transfer specialists in universities and NHS Hospital Trusts and has an international network of clinicians, investors and influential stakeholders in the medical sector to help give products the best possible chance of success.

While our technology focus is in the area of medical diagnostics, we consider each innovation on its own merits and work with selected partners to ensure that the right team is in place to progress products through to commercialisation.

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